Blackmer has been a global provider of high-quality pumps since 1903. They are known for manufacturing five major lines of sliding vane pumps, encompassing 18 different pump designs. The sliding vane pump lines include the Cavitation, Heavy Duty, Stainless, Iron, and Specialty lines. These pumps are available in capacities ranging from 1 to 2,300 gallons per minute for biodiesel applications.

How Do Sliding Vane Pumps Work?

Sliding vane pumps

Sliding vane pumps utilize propeller blades, known as vanes, which slide in and out of slots in the pump rotor. The rotation of the vanes creates suction which draws liquid through an inlet port and into the pumping chamber. Here, the liquid is segmented into compartments created by the slotting in of the vanes. As the rotor turns, the vanes carry the liquid to the outlet port through which it is expelled from the pumping chamber.

The vanes within the pumping chamber are actuated by three forces:

  1. Centrifugal force from the rotation of the rotor spins the vanes which creates the suction needed to draw the liquid into and around the chamber.
  2. Push rods which move between opposing pairs of vanes cause the vanes to slot in and out of position, creating sealed compartments which transfer the liquid from the inlet to the outlet.
  3. When the liquid is forced through the inlet ports, it creates hydraulic pressure which acts on the vanes from behind to further push them around the pumping chamber along with the centrifugal force.

A number of benefits come from using sliding vane pumps. For one, a constant volume of fluid is displaced with each rotation due to the uniform compartments created by the vanes. This consistency is further maintained by the sliding vane design resisting variances in pressure and turbulence. The technology behind the sliding vane also grants these pumps superior priming and suction capabilities which make them the perfect choices for line-stripping, underground pumping, and offloading storage tanks.

Cavitation Line

Ammonia pump

The Cavitation line of sliding vane pumps is used for the transfer of high vapor pressure liquids. This line includes the SGL, LGL, and CRL series. The SGL series is a ductile iron pump built for general liquified gas transfer across varying work conditions. LGL and CRL series pumps are a bit more specialized. While the LGL series was purpose-built for propane (liquid petroleum gas) and NH3, the CRL series is a ductile iron pump specializing in the recirculation of liquified CO2.

Heavy Duty Line

Blackmer’s Heavy Duty line of sliding vane pumps are used for high volume transfer applications. This line of pumps includes the ML, XLW, and HXL series, which are all made of ductile iron. The ML series can be used for all types of liquids — from low to high viscosity. The XLW series specializes in pumping liquids with suspended particles. And lastly, the HXL series are positive displacement pumps which are used in refineries, terminal operations, and loading applications.

Stainless Line

Stainless pump fittings

Stainless line pumps are all made of stainless steel as their name implies. Series in this line include SMVP, SNP, STX, and SX. All of these pump series are used for corrosive liquids with low viscosity. SMVP series pumps incorporate a seal-less magnetic coupling which is both durable and leak-free. The SNP series is used for caustic or corrosive liquids and has a design which reduces friction. STX series pumps specialize in fast fluid offloading (250 gallons per minute) of both corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. Lastly, the SX series is used for corrosive liquids with low to medium viscosities.

Iron Line

The Iron line of sliding vane pumps are the most general in regards to their possible applications, with the exception of corrosive liquids. These durable pumps are used for non-corrosive liquids of all viscosities and can be used in a variety of working conditions. The TX, X, XL, and NP series pumps are all fairly general purpose, used for the transport of various non-corrosive chemicals, fuels, and other substances. GNX series pumps, which are alignment-free and reduced-speed positive displacement pumps, have replaced the older GX series.

Specialty Line

Industrial vane pumps

Specialty line pumps are those used in situations in which unique pumping requirements are present. The three pumps in the specialty line are Hand, Dispensing, and Military pumps. As the name implies, Hand pumps are hand-operated pumps which can be used for a wide range of liquids. They are easy to use and operate efficiently. Dispensing pumps are power-operated pumps used for petroleum product dispensing systems. And Military pumps are high-durability pumps designed for and used by militaries around the world to meet all of their pumping needs.


Blackmer sliding vane pumps are known around the world for their high quality and exceptional durability. Their engineers have mastered the sliding vane design, which utilizes centrifugal, mechanical, and hydraulic forces to transfer liquids. They have five lines of sliding vane pumps, including the Cavitation, Heavy Duty, Stainless, Iron, and Specialty lines, which cover 18 different pumps.

Blackmer Pumps from LM&C

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