EZConnect Button Reader & RFID Button

EZConnect Button Reader and RFID Button

Liquid Controls’ new automated fleet fueling system—is designed to simplify fleet fuel delivery, streamline accounting procedures, and provide valuable data that can significantly benefit fleet management. FleetConnect identifies vehicles and equipment at a fueling site, verifies the customer and the type of fuel required, records the delivery data, and transfers the delivery data to office computers.

DMS i1000
DMS i1000
LectroCount LCR 600 and LCR-II

FleetConnect Benefits

  • Shorten fueling times
  • Prevent misfuelings
  • Prevent fuel theft
  • Print on-site delivery summaries
  • Deliver to multiple customers without stopping or changing accounts
  • Reduce billing errors
  • Simplify accounting
  • Reduce time to post and shorten cash cycle
  • Improve preventative maintenance
  • Audit fleet performance according to fuel burn and fuel consumption


  • Barcode based unit ID
  • Data Collection
    • Hour meter
    • Odometer
    • Location
  • Cradle or wireless data transfer
  • Optional driver logon with PIN
  • ComLink emulation
  • Maintain customer truck list in the field
  • Reprint truck breakdown sheet in the field

Supported Registers

  • MIDCOM eCount
  • MIDCOM 8000
  • Liquid Controls LCR II
  • Neptune E4000


Barcode Scanner

An innovative fleet fueling system using inexpensive barcodes to provide valuable delivery information for you and your customers. Fleet Navigator products work with delivery trucks’ electronic registers and offer a range of options from basic data collection to a feature-rich solution.