BPA TopTech

BPA Features

  • Inventory Management
  • Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Interface
  • Reporting Suite
  • Load Rack Control
  • Order-based Loading
  • Email & Fax Support
  • Multi-user Support (3 Users)

Toptech BPA

Toptech has used their expertise and customer-centric focus to create an automation product (BPA Bulk Plant Automation) that is scaled to address the specific needs of bulk plant operations. BPA is designed to give bulk plant operators the same level of control terminal operators have enjoyed for many years. Toptech has designed this system to provide valuable features to increase efficiency, maximize revenue, virtually eliminate billing errors, and ultimately makes the choice to automate one that will provide the greatest long term value when compared to other equipment purchases or even other automation systems.

MultiLoad II

Toptech’s MultiLoad II suite of products offer the ultimate combination of usability, features and scalability. MultiLoad II was designed to improve the traditional preset model by offering a number of key benefits, such as: ease of use, powerful stand-alone operation, seamless integration with automation systems, near limitless scalability, and powerful features.

MultiLoad II TopTech

MultiLoad II Features

  • Full Color LCD Display
  • Division 1 & 2 Enclosures
  • Alphanumeric Keypad
  • Integrated Card Reader Options
  • Automatic Temperature & Pressure Correction
  • Control up to 12 Arms per Bay
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Up to 300 Driver IDs/PINs in Stand-alone Mode
  • Stores 10,000 Transactions in Stand-alone Mode
  • Open Protocol & Modbus-RTU Support
  • Modbus Interface with Krohne OPTIMASS Meters
TMS6000 Bulk Metering

TMS6000 Features

  • Gate & door access
  • Back office integration
  • End of Day/End of Month
  • User access security
  • Stock inventory
  • Product allocation
  • Audit log trail
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Create orders online
  • Tank inventory
  • BOL printing
  • Wireless truck delivery

Total Meter Services Inc.

TMS6000 Automation Software products are the most cost effective and flexible Web based custody transfer control & data collection system in the market today. TMS6000 Automation Software is the popular choice for all types of flow measurement applications such as bulk plants and small marketing terminals because it is reliable, easy to use and has a high ROI. TMS6000 Automation Software is designed to match the way you do business today, while giving you the flexibility to change as your business and customer needs change.

UAP (Unified Automation Platform)

Many clients often find it hard to justify automation for their smaller, low volume facilities. Cost and complexity are the primary obstacles that prevent these clients from realizing the benefits automation systems can provide. These clients routinely install MultiLoad II, Toptech’s industry-leading preset, and stop there. With UAP, the giant leap to feature rich automation is reduced to a simple stride. In addition, UAP is designed to be highly scalable. More complex features and options are available for facilities that require a higher level of automation.

TopTech UAP

UAP Features & Flexibility

  • Preset Control
  • Loading Data
  • Inventory Management
  • End-of-day Processing
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Receipt Reconciliation
  • Bulk Plants & Small Terminals
  • Aviation Fueling
  • Fleet Fueling
  • Ethanol & Biodiesel Production Facilities
  • Transloading