Combining our expertise and range of product offerings, we offer custom pumping and metering systems, built to your specifications. Pumps and meters from our product offerings can be purchased individually or as a system on a skid. These systems can be controlled mechanically or electronically using an electronic register, batch controller or other logic device.


Liquid Controls flow meters are found in all types of industries that have fluid flow measurement and control needs. The company originated in 1954 with its unique tri-rotor design positive displacement meter. Since then is has dedicated itself to be a leader in all areas of flow measurement, expanding into other flow principles including turbine, electromagnetic (“mag”) and coriolis mass meters. The LC product overview and fluid type application guide can help you choose the right meter for your application.

Blackmer originated the sliding vane positive displacement (PD) pump in 1903. Blackmer offers this technology in pipe sizes from 1.25” to 10” for fluids ranging from thin clean fluid to heated viscous products for stationary or mobile applications. A leader in the transport pump market with the “TX” series of pumps, HydDrive hydraulic cooler packages and compressors, Blackmer has a complete line of mobile pumping solutions. “GX” series pumps are a great choice for stationary general purpose pumping of clean fluids.

Gorman Rupp manufactures a line of centrifugal pumps for stationary and mobile applications. Models range from 1.25” to 10” pipe sizes using standard or self-priming centrifugal technology. For a wide range of applications, GR pumps can meet your needs.

Dixon Pumps is a manufacturer of self-adjusting Impeller/Wiper Blade technology for petroleum products up to 2” with AC & DC motor drives.