Self-priming pumps are used when the pump is located above the liquid it is pumping. They automatically clear air from their passages then use the suction created by the expulsion of the air to begin the pumping process. Gormann-Rupp is one of the leading manufacturers of self-priming pumps for the petroleum industry, and their pumps are one of the major product lines carried by LM&C. With four different self-priming petroleum pumps, there’s a Gorman-Rupp pump for every situation. Whether you need a pump which excels in continuous air removal, durability, continuous usage, or pumping highly flammable liquids, Gorman-Rupp should be your first choice.

ROTO-PRIME Centrifugal Pumps

The ROTO-PRIME line of centrifugal pumps are variable capacity vane pumps which excel at removing air and vapor from the system. This pump was specifically designed for pumping petroleum products and has three different running modes: full priming, partial priming, and neutral. The full priming mode is activated when air and/or vapor is present within the system. Partial priming is the mode active while the air and/or vapor is being removed from within the system. And the neutral mode is run when the system is free from air and/or vapor.

ROTO-PRIME pumps are mainly used in situations which require air removal as a main function. These include off loading petroleum transport vehicles and stripping hoses.

O SERIES Centrifugal Pumps

O SERIES centrifugal pumps have a straight-in suction design which provides better suction performance when compared to variable capacity vane pumps. This series of pump is known for its high efficiency and minimal maintenance, making it one of the most durable options available. With an O SERIES centrifugal pump, you won’t have to worry about high operating or maintenance costs. Because of this, it is one of the most versatile and long-lasting petroleum pumps around. It excels in just about any situation where a standard pump is required.

Additionally, close coupling is available with explosion-proof motors on the O SERIES. This further reduces the maintenance and upkeep costs of the pump, while also eliminating the need for coupling alignment.

80 SERIES Heavy-Duty Pumps

Just like the O SERIES, the 80 SERIES heavy-duty pump has a straight-in suction design which provides better suction performance. It also boasts minimal maintenance and has close coupling available with explosion-proof motors.

However, what sets the 80 SERIES apart from the O SERIES is the fact that it is a heavy-duty pump. The 80 SERIES was designed specifically for situations in which continuous pumping at higher suction levels is necessary. To ensure the pump is always operating at peak efficiency, it comes with a high efficiency impeller, multiple seal options depending on the application, and a replaceable wear plate. When the system does need to go offline for maintenance or repairs, it won’t be offline for long.

SHIELD-A-SPARK Flammable Liquids Pumps

SHIELD-A-SPARK flammable liquids pumps are the safest pumps on the market when it comes to pumping flammable liquids — especially petroleum derivatives. These are engine driven pumps specifically designed for pumping fuels. And as such, they come with a wide variety of safety features.

The military/aircraft spark plug is radio suppressed and prevents spark gap jumping. Additionally, there is a shielded ignition wire with an enclosed path for high tension sparks and a spark-free, sealed toggle ignition switch. Finally, the spark-arresting muffler retards sparks and flames. Every safety feature present on SHIELD-A-SPARK flammable liquids pumps is designed specifically to prevent the petroleum products being pumped from igniting.


Gorman-Rupp manufactures a varied selection of petroleum pumps for every possible situation. The ROTO-PRIME centrifugal pump is specifically designed for situations in which air removal is a key function — such as off loading transport and stripping hoses. O SERIES centrifugal pumps are the go-to for most standard pumping situations due to their minimal maintenance and high durability. The 80 SERIES heavy-duty pump is purpose-built for continuous operation at higher suction levels. And, SHIELD-A-SPARK flammable liquids pumps are the safest options on the market if there is a risk of the fluid being pumped igniting.

Gorman-Rupp Pumps from LM&C

Liquid Measurement & Controls, Inc. carries ROTO-PRIME, O SERIES, 80 SERIES, and SHIELD-A-SPARK petroleum pumps from Gorman-Rupp. Contact us today to learn more about how these pumps can meet all your petroleum pumping needs.